Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finals Results from Test Spray Last Night

Today I etched the plate that I sprayed last night and then printed it, with this result.
Well, it's not exactly what I hoped for -no nice smooth tones - so I'm back to problem-solving! :(
Next step - consider if the material that I spray on the plates is malfunctioning. Sigh....printmaking...why do I do it?? Probably because there is a lot of satisfaction when things go right!

My friend and teacher George Tussing would say "Whatever you do, you're learning and that's a great thing!"


  1. oui c'est bien vrai;) life is a long training
    Je pense que ce sera bien au prochain essai!
    Bien amicalement
    à toi

  2. Hi sweet M.
    Demain, nous verrons si mon prochain essai est réussi.
    Je refuse d'abandonner!
    Merci beaucoup pour les encouragements.
    Nice to hear from you.