Thursday, April 4, 2013

Goldfinch Drawings

Apparently goldfinches are very common in the area where I live but I hadn't seen many until I put a thistle feeder in a tree on my patio. Can't see the birds for the trees! :) I've tried several times over the years to put a feeder in various places around my yard but the flying squirrels seem to find them and then find cozy nesting places in the attic. Finally I think all of the necessary patching of places where they can sneak in are fixed! (I wonder if flying squirrels like thistle. I have to admit that they are cute. At least the trapper I found to remove them from the attic releases them in his woods when he goes home. Apparently a few of ours got loose in his house and his wife wasn't too happy with him. Yikes!)

Here are a few drawings of the goldfinches that visit the feeder. The males are turning bright yellow for mating season. I included a photo I took from the window.



  1. Is it Carduelis tristis, real north american bird ...

    Did you try hanging feeder ??


    1. Yes! Carduelis tristis, the American Goldfinch, a very pretty bird.

      I didn't show it in my photo but all of the birds in my drawings were enjoying the thistle in my new bird feeder! :-)

      Avoir un bon week-end.

  2. Lovely renderings of goldfinches, Anne. I love to watch them sitting on my black-eyed Susan flowers in late summer, pecking out the seeds. You might like to get some. I could give you some of mine, but I don't know when I'll see you.

    1. Thanks Yvonne!
      I tried planting some black-eyed Susans in a pot last year and before I knew it, the rabbits ate all of the leaves. Cwazy Wabbits!! I'll try it again and put the plants in a higher spot.
      The flowers and the birds - they must look so pretty together!
      Maybe I'll see you at d'Art soon.

  3. Hi, Anne,
    I enjoyed your sketch and wanted to encourage you to complete a painting. I was disappointed to see you already sold one painting that I wanted to get for someone. You have your own unique style. Your composition and color palette sets you apart. Looking forward to new offerings. :-)

  4. Hi Randy,
    It's funny that I didn't think about making a painting from this sketch but it makes sense since I already have the birds drawn. Maybe I'll do it!
    Thanks so much for your nice words. I appreciate it!