Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jack Rabbit Etching

It seems I like rabbits as I've been working on another one, this time a jackrabbit. I like the big ears! I've had some trouble understanding my difficulty adding aquatint but I'm almost sure that I have solved the problem. I was getting  discouraged because I was making many test plates and not finding the right clue.
I don't mind a few test plates but after awhile, it becomes monotonous! Now I think all is well. We'll see next time!

9" x 12" plate
some screenprint in background
Rives BFK paper

ready to be printed inked-up plate
hard to avoid reflections!
always a big challenge to decide how much ink to leave on the plate


  1. Annie,
    the price of this monotony is the really right price !

    This rodent looks wonderful !
    Happy you !

  2. Hi friendly one,
    Sweet words to read! Thank you so much.
    The monotony of making test plates - I had to be persistent, for sure!

    Oui,happy me!
    merci :-)

  3. the warm golden eye oh the hare is the Eighth Wonder on the Earth !

  4. :-D
    You're so funny, mister.
    What a clever thought!!

    pensées amicales and thanks!

  5. Quite a handsome hare, Anne- great work!

  6. Aw, you are making him blush! Me too!

    Thanks for coming here to see my work - so nice of you!