Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flight of the Butterflies IMAX Movie

Last Thursday when I was out running errands, I decided to stop by the the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center to see the new IMAX film, Flight of the Butterflies. It's the true story about a scientist, Dr. Fred Urquhart, who after almost 40 years of research, finally discovers where the monarch butterflies go in the winter. It is the most incredible migration on earth as millions of Monarch butterflies travel from Canada across the U.S. to a few isolated mountain tops in Mexico. It's a beautiful film and very entertaining as it's in 3D! If you get a chance, you must see it. Here's a preview of the movie to tempt you:

The poster for the movie.
The science museum on a rainy day.

Monarch on its way!
pencil drawing


  1. Is the secret of this migration betrayed ?


    1. I think that is a great question!
      The migration is so interesting but at the same time, it is so special that to keep it a secret seems right. Hopefully we won't do anything to change it.

      Have a nice Tuesday, Jean-Luc

    2. Then a new question will appear : why down to the south ?


    3. Oh gosh, so many questions and not enough answers! :-)

  2. Happiness is seeing many butterflies even if it is just a 3 D film!