Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Charbonnel in Paris

A great excuse for a printmaker to go to Paris would be to visit the Charbonnel store there. I can't believe that I didn't actually take the time to go inside when I was there a few years ago and see all of the great etching supplies that they make. (There's so much that captures your attention in Paris!) I did take a few photos of the etchings in the window. They're beautiful. Someday, if I'm lucky, I can go back for a visit!


  1. Magasin Charbonnel
    13,Quai Montebello
    75005 Paris

    and you can visit the website in your own language, there :

  2. Merci. From this website, I remembered that I can call my prints "estampes" in French!
    You must have walked by this magasin many times.

    Have a great day, jl

    1. The best is that you must comme back !!


  3. Oh oui, I think that would be best!
    I would love that! :-)