Monday, December 9, 2013

Hermitage Museum and Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia

Recently I visited The Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, Virginia to see an exhibit of works by artists who have studios in the museum's Visual Arts Studio. The museum is an early 20th century historic Arts and Crafts style house converted to a museum. It has a world wide art collection and exhibit galleries with 12 acres of formal gardens, natural woodlands and wetlands. It was built by William and Florence Sloane,
wealthy New Yorkers who came to the area in 1895 to operate textile mills. It was built to be a summer house but the owners soon lived there year round. They were avid art collectors. It's not so far from my house that I can easily go there and admire it - the beautiful woodwork inside and gardens outside! I've enjoyed participating in a few miniature exhibits there. Here are a few photos of it and two of the exhibit I saw. And for your pleasure, one of my must-see videos!

Rose Garden

Front Entrance

Rabbit sculpture by Virginia VanHorne

"Thinking Caps" by Patricia Isenhour


  1. Hi, Anne,
    I attended a wedding of my son's best friend at the museum. The outdoor setting was an ideal site. I'm glad to see you're out and about enjoying nature and nurturing your artistic talents! On another note, a reminder that I can not access your blog from the website menu (another item added to your long to-do list). Enjoy!
    Randy :)

    1. Hi Randy,
      I haven't been to a wedding there yet but I always thought it would be a great place to have one. I love places that include art and nature. Always makes for a good visit!
      Thanks for writing!

  2. I should have said that I could not access the blog from the HOME menu. It works fine from all the other menus.

    1. I contacted the people who created my website and they fixed all access except from the Home page. Now they are working on the Home menu. Hopefully it will work soon. Thanks for letting me know about that!

  3. Je suis déjà allée à cette endroit il y a plusieurs années. C'est magnifique ! Suzanne (de Images et Mots) :o)

    1. Bonjour Suzanne!
      Un agréable surprise, votre commentaire. Merci! :-)
      Une visite à mon état de Virginie!
      J'aime cet endroit également. C'est très joli et intéressant à l'intérieur. J'ai apprécié plaçant quelques oeuvres dans quelques expositions ici.

      J'espère qu'il n'est pas trop froid au Canada!