Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tufted Titmouse

This little bird was waiting for its turn at my birdfeeder this morning. It was a particularly busy morning there. And only 19 degrees F.! I saw the usual birds such as Cardinals, Carolina Wrens, Chickadees, a Flicker, and Tufted Titmice. Yes, the plural of Titmouse is Titmice. I was never sure myself until I looked it up recently. I read that the word Titmouse comes from two old English terms - "tit" meaning any small object or animal and "mase" meaning small bird. So the whole thing means one small, small bird! That's all! Anyway, they're very sociable with other small birds like chickadees and stay around all year long. I'm thinking they would make a good painting......although they don't have much color. Hmm...


  1. Baeolophus bicolor.
    Mésange bicolore, in french.
    I was sure that tits do not live in northern america. Today is a fine day !!

  2. I read that this bird is found only in North America! I see them and the other tit, the Chickadee (I think, poecile africapillus), quite often at my house. Love to watch them any day!