Monday, January 27, 2014

INCOGNITO Painting of Goldfinch

gouache 8x10
One of the fundraisers every year at the art center where I have my studio is called INCOGNITO and artists are asked to donate a small work of art, 8" x 10". All for $114 each. People can purchase them but don't know the artist until after they have paid. Although sometimes they can guess by the style, of course! The event is also a wine tasting. Wine and art always seem to go together! Well, sometimes we have beer tastings - I really enjoyed the one we had last year - all local beers. I painted this small painting of goldfinch for the event this year.


  1. :-D that's funny
    Taste the paint and guess the color? :-/

  2. look at my face !

    Is god gone ?

  3. Ah, very colorful!

    God is just busy!
    (A little prayer or blessing with a comment about my post would have been nice but that comment I was too much!)

  4. Hello Anne--Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I was very happy to discover your lovely blog and beautiful web site. I like your work very much and the science training is such a plus. If you ever come to France, come and etch with me. It would be too fun!

    1. I love to stop by your blog and see what's going on at your place. Your pictures of the surroundings and your home are so pretty! I've been dreaming about visiting France again soon because we had so much fun the last time we went. I'm thinking about this May but I better stop procrastinating and plan if I'm going to do it! Etching at your place would be perfect!
      Thanks for visiting here.

  5. Anne, As an longtime Goldfinch admirer, I really enjoyed your colorful painting! I'm disappointed that WE could not attend the event and especially that somebody preempted my purchase. :-(

    1. Hey Randy,
      I'm sorry YOU-2 could not attend our event but thanks for your comment about my painting! If you like, I'm sure I could paint another picture for a happy goldfinch admirer.

      Lots of goldfinch have been visiting the feeder outside my kitchen window the last few days!