Sunday, January 17, 2016

The d'Art Center is Moving!

This month the d'Art Center, where I have my studio, is moving to another space temporarily, for perhaps two years. It isn't perfect but it will be great to have a new home. Since April of last year (when the old building was damaged by an explosion), the artists have been scattered, working at various places or at their homes. Waiting for some sort of news! I've been getting ready for the move, packing supplies and painting some of the old furniture. This week I'll see my new studio space and arrange for the move. The city of Norfolk is trying to create an Arts District and this is where the building is located, so maybe the location will be a good move!

moving here

The Chrysler Art Museum is close-by. Very nice!
(picture courtesy of Wikipedia)


  1. Peaceful art is coming back ...

    1. Yes! I'm looking forward to some peaceful art-making. I like it at home but there are lots of distractions!