Monday, May 16, 2016

Goldfinch Solarplate Print

I finished my drawing on the solarplate and printed it. I used an oil-based printing ink for this one. I tried a water-based ink and it's almost as crisp as long as I have just slightly damp paper. You can't go back and work on the exposed plate to make any changes but you can go back to the glass plate and work on that. Then expose another solarplate. I'm just learning about the peculiarities of solarplate etching! Of course there's a learning curve with every new process you try. This one will be shorter than learning copperplate etching and you can't argue with that!

I can print this in a different color if I want.
Or add color with watercolor.
Or expose it to the light for a different time for a lighter print.


  1. The contrast is looking excellent
    the bird feels patient
    nice work !

    Is the artist happy ?

    1. Thank you!:)
      I'm happy to have learned this new way of working! I like it.