Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bongos #2

New ingredients have been added but it isn't finished!

I have more work to do on the background and the bongos, especially the tufts of fur that run down their backs, only one thing that I love about painting them!


  1. yes! Bongos2 feel better!

    have a good creative day

  2. Un arriere-plan peuvent faire une grand difference!
    I hope your day is poetic!

    I don't think that I am seeing your new posts to your blog but I will keep trying!

  3. Sorry, Annie, but it seems that depth of field is closing now ...


    Is it true ?

  4. It's true that it has a shallow depth of field, probably because it is just the ground in the background. No deep landscape here! Maybe it is a little strange.
    Je vais y reflechir!

    Merci. Les commentaires sont bons.

  5. Anne, the bongos are so sweet...I love the shading on their coats and the way you have positioned them!

  6. Hi Carol,
    Thanks! Gouache paint is kind of tricky on something this size. I wasn't sure how I was going to do the shading since the paint dries so quickly as you're painting and when you want to mix a color again, it's hard to match it. Eek! But I like the colors!
    Thanks so much for visiting!