Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Building Demolition

This week I am looking forward to the demolishment of this building, right next to my studio! The city of Norfolk is making way for a new addition to the library. It could be convenient to have the new library right next door but it will also be distracting for awhile - at least a year or two! A small building was demolished on the other side of our building a few years ago to make way for a new hotel but its building has been delayed because of the economy.

I hope ours isn't next!

I always wondered about this building since I walk by it almost everyday that I'm at my studio. The company, Hipage, still exists in Norfolk but this was their first headquarters building back when they started in 1927. They deal with shipped freight all over the world. Anyway, there will be a new library in its place before long, looking better, I believe!

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