Monday, April 4, 2011


My sister has been waiting patiently for a painting that I have promised her. She has several of my African animal prints but this time I thought I'd try a painting. Since I've been working with gouache lately, I wanted to try another but something bigger. I love the colors you can get with gouache but they are a challenge to blend and they dry so quickly that it's easy to waste paint! I'm seriously hoping for a good final result this week! Then it's back to printmaking!

16" x 20"


  1. Bongo
    superbement peint
    ton fauve manteau
    t'assure la quiétude
    lors de ta rumination
    dans la savane africaine

  2. Hi cao,
    Hmm....your comment is looking familiar!

  3. Bonjour if6,
    Merci pour les ***!
    Ce n'est pas fini. Je travaille sur le fond de la peinture et en ce moment, il est un peu etrange!