Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More 3 Way Rabbits!

I've been cutting away the linoleum on my first rabbit piece, adding a bridge in the background. Here's my plate so far, inked up. Sometimes the plate is more interesting than the print itself! But still I don't think it's quite finished so perhaps I'll add some finer details or try adding some chine colle when I make the print........what to do!


  1. bonjour
    i would like to speak to a rabbit like this one. I think he have a lot to say...
    a good pleasant day for you ;)

  2. Hello
    Maybe the rabbit knows much about the mysterious old bridge!
    Si le lapin a du charactere, puis je pense peut-etre qu'il est un succes!
    Have a poetic day

  3. This rabbit is looking so warm than a hare with so lovely long ears !!

  4. Actually I think these long ears do belong to a hare!
    And jackrabbits - their ears look unbelievably long! I'd love to see one.