Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Canal du Midi in France - Plane Trees

I was so lucky to be cruising on the Canal du Midi in Southern France in September for a few days! I found the parts of the canal lined with plane trees so beautiful with the calm water and the reflections. Now I say to myself - Was I dreaming?


  1. superbe image ... et de magnifiques souvenirs
    amitié et
    bon week end Anne;)

  2. J'ai aime ces etirements jolies du canal entre les ecluses. Et avec les chaudes (warm) journees, ils etaient delicieuses! (delightful)
    Automne heureux!
    Thank you for visiting!

  3. My grand-father cruised on this canal, from Bordeaux to Frontignan ; I have got the dream.

  4. Hi cao,
    It seems that he saw most of the canal! Me, only a little! And you, how much did you see?

    Happy dreams!

  5. not a lot : few structures, locks, canal bridge and ports ...

  6. I would think it is enough for some good memories!

  7. Actually, the old planes of the canal, close to 50 000, will be cut down because they are infected with canker stain of plane. New planes, resistant to disease, will replace them progressively!

  8. Hello!
    Oh, I didn't know that. 50,000 sounds like so many! I wonder how quickly these trees grow to the size in my photo.

  9. Come back on half of a century, everything could be allright !

  10. Well I have enough time to make some good plans!
    By then they will need to replace the locks!