Monday, January 9, 2012

Birdman II Ornament

Each year I see this Christmas ornament it brings back good memories of a vacation years ago to the New England states of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The trees, the mountains, the countryside - there surely can't be a more pleasant place to enjoy the change of season into fall! Anyway, this ornament was bought at a countryside studio in Vermont and made by a man, Edmond Menard, from one piece of green cedar wood. He calls himself Birdman II as he learned his craft from another who called himself Birdman I. The first man, Chester Nutting, produced well over 50,000 of these birds and I learned that Birdman II is still working and quickly approaching 50,000. That's pretty impressive!


  1. From one piece of wood ?
    It is interesting ...
    Is it a woodcock ?

  2. Yes, from one piece of wood! I think this cedar wood bends easily when cut thin.
    Which bird? I wish I could say but I'm not sure!

  3. Je me demande ce que ça ressemblerait s'il était peinte!
    Il est encore belle comme celle-ci.
    Have a nice day! :-)