Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pathway in Gouache - Final Result!

This is the final result of the gouache I've been working on of a pathway in France. I saw a nice photo of a friend that I liked and thought I'd try to paint it. I hope I was able to capture the light that inspired me and also add a little of my own imagination. One frustration with painting with gouache is the lightening of the colors as they dry. When I think I'm finished, sometimes they still don't seem dark more work is needed!


  1. je trouve ça vraiment très beau! les arbres, la lumière !
    bon week end to you;)

  2. Ce fut un bon test pour essayer différents verts pour les troncs d'arbre!
    J'essaie de peindre quelques paysages - c'est un nouveau défi!

    merci, if6, j'apprécie votre recherche :-)

  3. I really like the way you have reproduced the colour of the strewing pink petals ...

  4. I was having the most trouble deciding how to do those petals
    I'm glad they are looking natural!
    Thanx jl!

  5. I particularly like the different colors and shapes of the tree trunks.


  6. I love to experiment with various greens and of course there are many in nature!
    I appreciate your comment, Pam.

    See you soon!

  7. I love paintings of roads & paths leading to some unknown place ripe for discovery! This is lovely, Anne - you captured the play of light beautifully!

  8. Thanks Carol!
    I like paths too and I liked the photo of this one. I'm not sure what it looks like at the other end but I can imagine it!

    so sweet of you to visit!