Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Monday I took some time to visit  my city's aquarium and science center. It was a good day to go - quieter than usual. I was surprised to see some changes like the addition of this new tank of tropical fish. There are other larger tanks but this one had the best light for picture-taking. There's a big shark tank here and a new wrap-around one that's like a tunnel with more tropical other tanks! 
It's a great place to observe fish for future artwork.
Sorry you can't see the fish clearly. :(  You can enjoy watching them swim!



  1. Have you seen Commodore Cousteau in a tank ?

    We are looking for him ; nobody knows where this diver is ...

  2. Hello!

    The Commodore is cleaning shark tanks in Virginia!

    Really, cao? Is there a missing Cousteau??

  3. Not at all !!

    that's a bad joke !!!


  4. A bad joke can come from either side of the ocean! :-]