Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jean Peacock's Encaustic Painting

This is an encaustic painting that I have that was done by a friend of mine who specializes in encaustic, as well as oil painting. I like the design and the texture that she created and of course the colors. (my favorite!) Encaustic painting is hot wax painting where colored pigments are added to heated wax and applied to a surface, usually wood, using metal tools and brushes to shape the wax before it cools. Other materials can be collaged into the surface. I've never tried it but I really enjoy seeing the creations of artists who work this way, especially Jean's work. And I like to watch her explain how her paintings are easily polished with a cloth since they are so durable!


  1. Gosh !

    This art needs a great mastery, I presume ...

    When I try to read this work, I see african succulents, euphorbias ...

  2. Probably the artist has to work quickly before the wax hardens but I think it can be remelted to rework or change it. I will have to watch the artist sometime!

    You are right,it is looking very lively and plant-like! I like your choice of plants.