Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chicago Metro Entranceway by Hector Guimard

I found a little bit of France in Chicago last weekend!  I saw this Art Nouveau style entranceway to one of the metro stations. I found out that one of Chicago's sister cities is Paris and that it was a gift from the RATP or the Parisien Transit Authority, cast in 2003 from an original 1900 mold of a work designed by French artist and architect Hector Guimard. He designed a series of Art Nouveau style entrances for Paris in 1900. It's not too far from Chicago's art museum, The Art Institute, which I didn't have the time to see. :-(



  1. :-)
    I wonder if someday you'll find something interesting given to Paris from the city of Chicago!

  2. We have a lot of Wallace's fountains, but I do not know if this man is from Chicago ... :-[

  3. Hmm...I do not know the story of the Wallace fountains but I think it is worth an investigation!