Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Grace - etching

 I enjoyed making some small cemetary etchings a few years ago. Here's one of six that I made. I'm not sure you can see it here but there are a few birds in this etching. I didn't have quite enough courage to do my research on tombstones at night but I did visit one of the larger cemetaries during daylight hours in search of some interesting tombstones! Although here I did use a little imagination.

Also, there's an exhibit in the main hallway of the Selden Arcade where my studio is located that is showing photographs of cemetaries. Here is the exhibition poster and a few interesting photos. I just noticed it today so I'll have to go back and take another look!


  1. Funeral art is wide and varied, you'll find !

  2. It's funny, I noticed today that there's a new photography exhibit in the building where my art studio is located. I added a couple of pictures to my post for you to see. I guess you are right!

  3. Hi, Anne,
    I really enjoyed the graveyard composition. The angle and curves add almost an animation to the expected somber static setting. The addition of the birds heightened the dichotomy of the scene. The appearance of one of your nice rabbits may be unexpected addition. The underlying symbolism of life amidst the finality of death opens the mind to further contemplation.I'm thinking you have a lot of Poe-like artistic leanings.


  4. Wow, Randy, thanks for your interesting thoughts about my graveyard etching. I think you should become an art critic!
    Next one I'll be sure to add rabbits. I must think about how to make them look Poe-like!

    Thanks for visiting here!