Monday, October 14, 2013

Stencil Girl

One thing that I like about art workshops is that because they are short, they make you do everything fast. You can't think too long about your idea or you'll have nothing at the end! You can't worry about how something might turn out. You just do it! Imagine that! I think the process of printmaking makes me a little less free or more careful. Starting over is not an option that I'm fond of! So a workshop is a fun experience for me. At a workshop I went to last summer on children's book illustration, we had a short time to make a 3 page picture book. I had to think of! Here's the first page of my creation:

(PAGE 2 coming soon!)


  1. Anniebelle looking for her cat

    1. :-D
      That's cute! I could see it as the first page of that story.
      It would be fun to make a stencil cat!