Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Party at D'Art Center

This Saturday night there's going to be a big Halloween party at the art center where I have my studio. They are still working on the decorations but it's already looking spooky! We are supposed to decorate our studios and wear costumes. (humm..what to be...) There willl be music, strange drinks and who knows what else! You must come and check it out. And there's lots of great art to see while you party!
I'll post some pictures if I can get some good ones.


  1. Bonne fête à la citrouille !!


  2. :-]
    Ici, nous aimons notre citrouilles!
    Apparemment, les citrouilles nous rappellent nos vieux jours de la vie rurale et nous aimons ça!

  3. This evening I have cooked a delicious soup with it and some carrots ...

  4. mmmm..sounds yummy Jean-Luc
    and very healthy for you